Mini Clear Glass Water Pipe

Coming in at 5.5 inches the Mini Clear Glass Water Pipe may be small in size but it will pack the punch you are after each and every time. This tiny glass may appear mini in size but it's also thick and stout. It's made to last for years to come giving you countless enjoyable smoke sessions. It doesn't matter whether you're a midnight toker or an early morning wake and bake smoker this The Mini Clear Glass Water Pipe  is the way to go. The water filtration of your hits helps to remove dangerous carcinogens making your smoking experience a healthier one. This makes a great gift for you or a friend so go ahead and get yourself one today and while you're at it get an extra one to keep on hand for when it's time to give a gift perhaps that wasn't planned. Approximate size: 5.5" Approximate weight: 60g

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Mini Clear Glass Water Pipe

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