Large Sherlock Frit Bubbler

What could be better than a beautiful frit glass and Sherlock style pipe? A Large Sherlock Frit Bubbler water pipe, that's what! This self-standing sherlock style water bubbler offers the exquisite beauty of Frit glass with the added benefits of a bubbler all rolled into one. For $34.99 you can't pass up this delightful piece of art. Available in multiple colors, the Sherlock Frit Bubbler is sure to be loved by everyone who partakes in a toke of the herb whether it be for medical purposes or recreational enjoyment. Get yours today and see for yourself just how captivating the frit glass, sherlock design and bubbler functionality combined truly is. Colors will vary. Approximate size: 8" Approximate weight: 210g

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Large Sherlock Frit Bubbler

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