Large Glass Sherlock Reverse Stiletto Bubbler

Whether you are looking for a gift to give the cannabis fanatic in your life or just looking to add to your collection of pipes, the Large Glass Sherlock Reverse Stiletto Bubbler is a great choice. This bubbler is guaranteed to provide you with the consumption experience you love to get with a bubbler and also offers a captivating reverse color design making it stand out amongst the rest. If you are a connoisseur of the ganja you are sure to love the hits that the Large Glass Sherlock stiletto bubbler provides. For only $39.99 you can have the perfect piece for your wake and bake sesh or the perfect gift for the lover of herb in your crew.  Colors may vary. Approximate size: 8" Approximate weight: 220g

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Large Glass Sherlock Reverse Stiletto Bubbler

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