Color Changing Striped Glass Pipe

When you want to add a little bit of color to your life to help express just who you are and how you feel, try this color changing striped glass pipe. The high-quality heady glass will provide a smooth and enjoyable smoking experience every time you fire it up. Like a mood ring or some other cool swag from back in the day, this pipe has mystical powers allowing it to act like a chameleon. Before your very eyes over a period of time this beautiful color changing striped glass pipe will change its colors giving birth to a new design. The more you smoke through this incredible color changing striped glass pipe the more your color pattern will change as well. There's a hole in this bowl and it's waiting on your nugget to plug it. This makes a great gift for anyone who is cannacentric, including yourself! Approximate size: 5" Approximate weight: 110g

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Color Changing Striped Glass Pipe

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