Click-A-Toke is a perfect pipe for you and that's no joke! When you're looking for the perfect electronic pipe on the go then Click-A-Toke is the one you need to know. If you're trying to take a hit off of a bowl you traditionally would have to put a lighter to it to make this happen. As soon as you do this you stand out like a sore thumb! Everyone knows you're blazing a bowl and before you know it the fuzz is locking the handcuffs on you. That's not a problem with the Click-A-Toke self-igniting pipe with built in lighter. All you have to do is pack the chamber with your favorite dried herb and you're ready to go. That's it! Presto! Simply click and toke, it's really that easy! Get a Click-A-Toke for yourself, friends, family, or loved ones and add a little discretion to what they do. Shipped empty and fuel must be purchased separately. Colors may vary.  Approximate size: 5"

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